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Joseph Wolf


Joseph is a second generation insulation professional. He’s one of the most carring and serving construction professionals in the business. You can tell from the first time you speak to him on the phone or in person that there is something different about him. He really cares about people and loves to provide great service. He has 9 children that he is setting an example for and he takes that job very serious.

Joseph’s father, Anthony Wolf, was a well known and very reputable builder before starting a cellulose insulation business in 1989 called Wooly Bully Insulation. Alongside his father, Joseph learned how to build quality homes and understanding of how the other aspects of construction fit together.

Joseph helped his father to build a very respectable and well-known family business spanning 3 decades of experience, along with several thousand happy customers behind them.

Now in honor of his father, Joseph presses forward to take the family business to a new level. Joseph is focused  on being an industry leader. With extensive studies in the areas of Effective R Value, Air Infiltration, and Energy efficiency, mold and mildew prevention, along with providing genuine leadership, setting industry standards, and inventive ideas that are transforming the installation process. He separates AIRLOCK Insulation from the other insulation contractors by holding the highest level of passion, respect, and dedication toward his clients. That is what he prides himself on, having a great name and doing great things.

Alex Bardzilauskas


Alex Bardzilauskas is a working partner focused on continuous improvement. Alex’s responsibilities include managing the back office for Airlock Insulation. His depth in the IT world has given him the know how to build effective and efficient systems to track and automate the business along with the data to identify improvement opportunities to work on the business.

This passion for continual improvement has driven Alex to dig into the conservation aspects of the business. From the use of renewable resources in our products to finding more efficient ways to install our products, Alex’s systems approach benefits our customers and the environment.

Alex and Joseph have been very close friends since they were teen agers. They complement each other quite well. As partners they find their strengths and interests to round each other out and it allows them to conserve, preserve and innovate. Together they help each other stay focused on what they are good at. There is some overlap in passion, personality, and joyful enthusiasm, but their differences really strengthen each other quite impressively.

Why Cellulose Spray Insulation?

Did you know that cellulose is made of recycled newspaper? It has boric acid, which is found in common cleaners, like Visine. It has borax, which is a common household soap. With those and recycled newspaper, it’s the greenest of the green.

Cellulose is installed at almost 3 1/2 pounds per square foot. There’s no room for settling.  So, it’s still a little bit soft but firm.

Cellulose, when it’s sprayed, sticks to the side walls, and the plywood, the wiring, the plumbing, and everything that it touches for the life of the home.

Cellulose spray insulation is guaranteed not to settle, and it will not mold or mildew. It’s also in a Class 1 fire rating. Fire Test Video Here

One of the greatest things about cellulose insulation is it stops air infiltration. And that’s the big deal. R-Value does not cover air infiltration. R-Value measures what happens when heat from outside is forcing its way through a specific insulation material to the inside of the home. What it does not cover is air infiltration. And that is such a significant part of what we do. 

We also stop air infiltration. So, by stopping their air infiltration we allow the home to hold a constant temperature.  It won’t take a lot of energy to maintain that climate in that room when you use cellulose spray insulation.

It is very smart choice for homeowners when they choose to go with cellulose spray insulation. I’ve used it personally in my home and it has greatly reduced my Heating & Cooling costs.

One other thing I’d like to mention is that We do a spray treatment along all top plates. We do it in the basement, floor plates, and we also do it above the top plates. Right where the air chamber goes down into the soffit we place a bag in there and staple it firmly. Then the thickness of the wall gets sprayed at the top of the wall.  So, if a driving wind comes and pushes, it’s not going to throw the insulation away and cause gaps to occur which can cause icicles to form in those areas.

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