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Cellulose Insulation Fire Test​

Class 1 Fire Rating

Hi this is Joseph Wolf with AIRLOCK Insulation. For the past 25 years, people have been asking me about the benefits of cellulose insulation. One thing I like to tell them, other than it can save you up to 40% of your heating and cooling costs, is… ill just do a little demo here.

In one hand, I have cellulose insulation. In my other hand I have a torch. As I hold the torch to the cellulose in my hand, not only do I get burned, but I can’t even feel any heat coming through to my hand.

The sun hitting the roof of your home is not as hot as this torch blasting my hand. So, if cellulose can stop the spread of fire, and it can stop the heat from passing through to my hand, is there anything else you really need to know?

In the past we have had the unfortunate experience to hear that one of our previous clients had a fire start around their fireplace. The fire burned the 2×4 stud all the way through but stopped at the cellulose insulation. The cellulose insulation saved the home, case and point. See the pictures displayed on this page as witness.

Not everyone is concerned about everything in their home going up in smoke, but some people are. For the benefits you get with cellulose insulation, they far outweigh the investment. Cellulose insulation actually pays for itself and then continues to protect your family for the life of your home. Give us a call today at 440.520.0749 to find out more, or visit our Contact AIRLOCK Insulation page and leave your info and we will reach out to you. Thanks for coming by.


Fire Resistant Insulation Considerations

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