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Wall Spray Insulation

Cellulose insulation, when sprayed into wall cavities creates the best overall solution for stopping air infiltration.

Traditional insulation does almost nothing to stop air infiltration.

Air Infiltration is when the air from the outside forces its way into the home through cracks and gaps and through inadequate insulation. With poor insulation, there will be discomfort from hot or cold roomshigh energy bills, and even ice cycle damage

cellulose is sprayed into the wall cavities with a little bit of water and a little pressure. Doing so fills all cracks and crevices leaving no air pockets.

It forms what is called a monolithic bond that sticks to itself and everything it touches for the life of the home unless removed. One great thing about cellulose spray insulation is that it completely seals around wiresplumbing, and heat runs.

The process – A  wall spray technician uses special tools and equipment. Our insulation hoses are used to blow the insulation. At the end of the hose we us a mister to spray just enough water to activate the natural starch inside the recycled newspaper. The light amount of moisture engages the sticking properties and causes an elite seal against air infiltration. The cellulose insulation is sprayed in at about 3 pounds per square foot, leaving no room for settling. it does not settle.

Once the wall is sprayed, a wall scrubber is used to clean the insulation down to the studs, leaving the wall studs free of debris for optimal drywall installation.

The excess material is then vacuumed up with a 10 horse power vacuum that is mounted on our truck. We use a separate hose and the recycle goes right back to the spray equipment to be reused with new material.

The whole process is very conservative. There is no waste. We even use the bags the insulation comes in to create pockets over the top plates into the eaves so that we can spray cellulose insulation above the top plate. Right where the war zone is. Where ice cycles are notorious for destroying gutters and creating ice dams.

The house is left very clean and ready for drywall delivery.  Drywall can be hung the following day. The little moisture that is used is not significant and will not cause any damage to any surfaces. The material wicks itself completely dry within 30 days after drywall is already hung.

Important Facts about Cellulose Spray Insulation

Stops Air Infiltration

and has Better Benefits than Foam


with less heating and cooling costs

No Moisture problems

Completely Dries and stays dry - hang drywall the following day

Cellulose is great for sound reduction

with 90% stopping power in stopping the transfer of sound from one room to another, almost not audible.

Cellulose is great for basement climate control.

if you want the basement the same temperature as the rest of the house, or if you want it cooloer or warmer for whatever reason. cellulose does a superior job for temperature control

Keeps Out Bugs and Rodents

they don't like eating the soap


no toxic off gassing

Class 1 Fire Rating

Won't Settle

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