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Crawl Space Insulation

Can insulation be added to a crawl space ?

If you have a crawl space and the floor above it is cold, it will benefit to have that floor insulated. In some cases, there is existing fiberglass on the crawl space ceiling. That must first be removed. Once the old fiberglass is removed, a nylon cloth is affixed to the bottom of the floor joists. The fiberglass fabric is a lifetime product. This means the nylon fabric will last for the life of the home.


Once the fabric is installed a hole is cut into each floor cavity and an insulation hose is installed into each cavity. The floor is then dense packed with cellulose. Last a fabric strip is installed over the holes and the floor is cleaned up.


Our customers have consistently noticed a dramatic difference in, not only the comfort of the floor, but the room above is much more comfortable as well.

This is not always the best solution, so contact AIRLOCK Insulation to find out if this or another application would be most effective for your specific home

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