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Soundproofing Insulation

Soundproofing insulation can be a very important requirement for some customers, while others may just look at sound attenuation as an added benefit.

Some of the most important reasons for dampening sound are bathroom walls, shared walls such as a master bedroom and a family room, shared ceiling or floor areas for home theater, shared walls between apartments, noisy neighbors, or even a garage or basement band.

If any of these areas are a concern or topic of interest, then like many other smart people, you found this page looking for solutions. At AIRLOCK Insulation, we believe that sound deadening or dampening is a major part of insulation. We use a product that is far superior to the fiberglass option and still much better than spray foam. NUWOOL premium cellulose insulation is elite when it comes to acoustical value and many other areas of performance such as air infiltration reduction, fire retardant, mold retardant, bug and vermin resistance and is a 100% green product all in one.

While no insulation can stop all sound, we lead the charge when it comes to making an impact on sound reduction.

Take a look at the video on this page and see it in action as we stop a screaming car alarm dead in its tracks. If you are looking for a professional soundproofing insulation contractor, we would be glad to show you how effective our sound reducing service are

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