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Thermal Camera Scan

Thermal camera scans can help a homeowner or buyer find important issues that need to be fixed!

If you live in a home that is not performing well, or you are about to buy a home and want to find out if the home has any problems, a thermal scan is a very helpful diagnostic tool.


Some of our customers have had one of the large foam companies inject foam into their walls, only to find that they still have problems. When we hear this, the first thing we do is look at their walls with a thermal camera. In many cases we find patches that were completely missed.


To do a proper diagnostic, it is important to have different temperatures between the outside and the inside of the home. In the winter, the poorly insulated spots will show up a dark array of colors from black to purple to blue. When it is hot outside, the poorly insulated spots will appear bright red to orange and yellow. In the summer it is important to run the air conditioning to create a polarization of temperatures.

When the poorly insulated or damaged areas are located, an interior insulation retrofit, or exterior insulation retrofit can be done to fix them.

Other things that can be discovered with the thermal camera are moisture in the walls, if there was a flood or a leak in the wall or roof. Rodents living in the walls can also be determined at times. Customers have used to locate which cavities in their cathedral ceiling had racoons living in them and we were able to locate those issues for them.

There are multiple things that the thermal camera can be used for and for a reasonable fee, it can be well worth it to have one done. If you are interested in having a thermal scan done, call insulation and ask for the thermal scan service to be done during the consultation. You may find it to be very helpful!

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