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Do I have good attic ventilation?

Attic ventilation is a very important part of having a healthy long-lasting home. Many homes have little or no attic insulation. This can be good for ventilation while very bad for energy efficiency. The air is supposed to draw in through the soffit eaves in the best situation.

In some homes, specifically bungalows and cape cods, there are few options for ventilation and installing attic baffles are not possible because either there are no soffit vents or there is not a way to vent the baffles to the ridge properly.

Some of you may be asking what a baffle is. A baffle is a foam chute that allows air to flow in from the soffit, up into the open attic space. The most important thing to know about a baffle is that they must have air flow through the chute from the bottom through the top or they will trap stagnant air and have an adverse effect. This means you don’t want to block the bottom or the top of an attic baffle at any time. There is an old saying in the ventilation world, “if you can’t vent it right, pack it tight”. When a sloped ceiling is packed tight, there is no dead air space in the cavity and that means no need for an attic baffle.

So, what does a baffle actually do. An attic baffle is designed to help displace moisture, which is caused by condensation, and get it out of the attic so that mold and mildew are not created. Propper ventilation will prevent mold and mildew from growing in a stagnant air space.

If baffles are not a viable option, there are other options. Some spaces are not very big and can be packed tight with cellulose. Others are a little larger and need some air movement. In those cases, gable vents, roof vents, and powered fans can be installed to get the air moving and keep your attic healthy and performing properly.

Please contact AIRLOCK Insulation to discuss your options during your attic insulation upgrade process. Our professionals with explain your specific options and help navigate you through the decision process.

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